Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Sustainable competitive advantages through smart customer experience strategies

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Do you want to offer your customers an optimal user experience and thus turn these into “enthusiastic ambassadors” of your brand or product?

When it comes to (purchase) decision-making, customers trust each other more than they put their faith in the promises of the company. In the digital environment, this assertion is especially pertinent in the form of communication in the peer-to-peer areas of various forums, communities and social networks. The form of classic marketing communication from company to customer practised up until now is being increasingly replaced.

Customer Experience Management step-by-step

Our model CEM process

CEM is basically composed of three elements, from which a systematic customer experience management strategy can be derived: simplicity, effectiveness and emotion/empathy. Starting point for the strategy development by eviom Strategy Consulting is thus always the client, who demands and expects the three key components referred to above.

We identify important requirements for you and touchpoints for your customers and develop holistic concepts in order to align content, offers and products precisely towards your customers.

The result is a win-win situation for all concerned since happy customers are generally loyal customers.

Our customer experience management services

Customer Journey Analysis

Strategic contact points are identified by means of customer journey analyses (via web controlling, customer focus groups, conversion rates) in order to use these optimally to inform the target customer better and retain them for the company in the long term.


Through our customer-centric approach, we consider customer life-cycle, customer value and the customer experience, and develop tailored strategies to put the focus on the customer.

User Experience (UX)

We analyse customer expectations (based on KPIs and workshops) and derive optimisation potential and strategic recommendations from this for action to satisfy the positive user experiences or brand/product promises in the long-term.

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Good reasons for eviom

Outside-In perspectives

We understand and analyse customer requirements and bring these into your company.

Method and KPI-based

We are characterised by our methodological knowledge and valid KPI-based decisions.

Networked thinking

Holistic and successful customer experience management is dependent on the connection of touchpoints, customer journey & co.

Satisfied customers are the best accolade

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