Conversion Optimization

Campaign optimization for higher conversion rates and increased traffic

Conversion Optimization

Is you website already receiving traffic but the conversion rate could be improved? We investigate existing potential, develop concepts, check these with the help of A/B testing and optimise your campaign accordingly. For satisfied users, a positive product experience and a higher conversion rate – irrespective of whether your goals are higher turnover or fewer terminations at the registration form and checkout stages.

Many companies invest an enormous amount of resources in generating traffic. The trick is in turning the traffic you do have into valuable and sustainable conversions and customers.

Conversion Optimization step-by-step

Our Conversion Optimization process

evion undertakes the entire process as well as strategic considerations for conversion generation and optimization for its clients. In the first step, our specialists analyse the business model and individual conversion targets of our clients. Then, the purchase decision process and the conversion funnels are examined. Subsequently, existing gaps are identified and optimization measures initiated to fill these.

The optimization measures may be oriented towards existing landing pages or towards advertising materials used in performance marketing. Through individualised A/B testing, the hypothesis put forward are checked and optimal solution approaches crystallised and established.

With the help of professional web controlling tools, the performance of the optimization measures is measured and evaluated.

Our Conversion Optimization services

Conversion rate and website audit

Precise analysis of the website with regard to target group and content.

Definition of conversion targets

Stipulation of conversion targets to establish the relation between visitors and conversions.

User experience optimization

We assist you in increasing your conversions with the help of an optimised user experience.

Conversion optimization testing

We derive tailored recommendations for action from comprehensive testing procedures and develop these for you.

Conversion management

Identification of the channels relevant for you to utilise the conversion potential completely.

Many years of experience and truly all-round service

Good reasons for eviom

Holistic strategic approach

We derive tailored recommendations for action from comprehensive testing procedures and develop these for you.

Many years of experience in various industries

eviom looks at the overall goals of the company and derives the tailored strategies for conversion optimisation as well as an increase in turnover.

Moderne Tools

We have an extensive portfolio of tools that can be employed both specifically for conversion optimisation as well as for customer journey and multi-channel analysis.

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