Amazon Marketing Services

Reach customers – improve rankings – generate new turnover

Amazon Marketing Services

Reach customers – improve rankings – generate new turnover

The Amazon online marketplace has permanently changed purchasing behaviour in Germany: around 90% of all online shoppers buy on Amazon, making Amazon the search engine number one for shopping, product searches and price comparisons!

This is a good argument for manufacturers and traders to market their products on Amazon, too. But being listed on Amazon does not mean that you can be found easily, because Amazon – just like Google – is increasingly using  complex algorithms, which are influenced by keywords, images and evaluations such as search results.

With the Amazon Marketing Services by eviom, we offer all-round services for the professional use of the Amazon marketplace: from analysis and the set-up of your Amazon shop to the continual optimisation and implementation of advertising campaigns.

When will you be at the top with your products on Amazon?

Amazon step-by-step

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Whether you are using Amazon as a new sales channel or want to optimise an existing presence: we offer truly all-round services for sustainably successful Amazon marketing!

The central focus in this is your Amazon shop, via which you can integrate and offer your products and services. The placing of these offerings in the rankings can be improved through our SEO services and your products or services promoted within Amazon through targeted advertising measures (“ON Amazon”).

Aside from direct searches by Amazon users themselves, we can generate additional traffic through external measures and thus link your digital marketing measures together optimally for a comprehensive user experience (“OFF Amazon”).

Amazon Readyness Audit

Is Amazon the right sales channel for you? In our “Amazon Readiness Audit”, we analyse the sales opportunities and potential of your products and services on Amazon.

This includes an in-depth analysis with a focus on individual factors such as:

  • Products and user demand (“search volume”)
  • Overview of vendors and manufacturers on the Amazon marketplaces
  • Analysis of competitors with regard to price and product design
  • Price structures and developments
  • Marketing and promotion campaigns
  • User ratings and promotion management of the seller

Set-up and optimisation of an Amazon shop

Whether you are a seller or manufacturer: We take on the complete creation of your Amazon online shop for you, from the administrative and technical set-up, the integration and categorisation of product data, content optimization and the set-up of purchase and shipping options to continual monitoring and evaluation of your measures.

Our services also include the creation of an “A+ content” page with “enhanced brand content” for sellers, who act as Amazon suppliers and have their own brand.

Do you already have an Amazon shop? We would be happy to undertake a short analysis, for example on your current rankings, to develop initial concrete recommendations for actions to improve reach and conversion figures, and to support you in the further optimisation of your shop and your marketing measures. In this, we take all important relevance and performance factors into account.

Amazon SEO

We implement Amazon SEO measures to improve the rankings and findability of your shops and products. For this, both the relevance factors (directly influenceable) and the performance factors (indirectly influenceable) are optimised, since both are taken into consideration in the ranking algorithm in order to underpin the actual goal of Amazon, which is to generate as many sales as possible.

The most important Amazon SEO factors include:

  • Keyword analysis and mapping as well as ranking checks
  • Optimisation of title and product descriptions
  • Use of several high-resolution images
  • Adjustment of price and shipping options
  • Optimisation of performance factors such as CTR, conversion rate, number of sales per user, etc.
  • Active rating management

Incidentally, the Amazon source code will also be read by Google bots and your SEO-optimized products can thereby also rank directly in Google.

Amazon Paid Marketing / AMS

There are several options to increase the visibility of your own offerings and traffic in Amazon through paid marketing measures. The centrepiece of these are the purely performance-based “Amazon Marketing Services” (AMS) offered by Amazon itself, which users call up at various stages of their selling processes:

  • Headline Search Ads (HSA)
    Ads in the upper area of the search engine result page, still quite unspecific right at the beginning of the process during the search query by the user
  • Sponsored Products (SP)
    The equivalent of “Google AdWords” in Amazon: paid ads on a PPC basis within the organic search results and recommendations
  • Product Display Ads (PDA)
    Banner ads on product detail and search result pages with high levels of individuality and awareness

We support our clients in the strategic planning and operative implementation of advertising campaigns to increase turnover on Amazon, from keyword research, the set-up of ads, continual management and optimisation to the regular reporting of the most important KPIs and metrics.

Amazon Monitoring Services

The success of your Amazon shop as well as the implemented marketing initiatives are monitored and reported continually by us with the help of specific tools. This includes overviews of products, competitors, traders and products as well as the price developments and user ratings.

Using this data, we constantly open up new potential for further optimisation and can adapt existing measures and implement new ones at short notice.

Experience and truly all-round service

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Professional portal set-up

Whether websites, shops or social media platforms – we set up internet presences professionally, user-friendly, conversion-optimized and in your corporate design!

Search Expertise

As an outstanding search agency, we understand search algorithms and user search intensions.

Competitive advantages as first mover

Through our strong network, we are in direct contact with new tools, analysis results and, of course, with Amazon itself.

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