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More qualified leads

Changes in media usage and the digital transformation are also changing traditional B2B sales.

Lead management and the efficient use of resources are becoming increasingly important. Classic cold calling is becoming less and less common. Before making a purchase decision, decision-makers in B2B companies already inform themselves in detail via search engines, websites, social media, and much more.

What are B2B leads?

A lead is a prospective customer, who may want to buy a product or receive a service from you. This person is not a buyer yet, but is in the general information phase and wants to learn more about a topic that is important to him.

In this context, a distinction is made between cold, warm and hot leads. The task is to generate addresses from this potential of interested parties and to bring them closer to the purchase decision step by step and to convert them into customers in the medium term.

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How does the lead management process work?

The sales funnel is particularly suitable for illustrating the lead management process. This contains several stages in the course of the customer journey of new leads. At each stage, relevant content influences the potential buyer’s decision.


Attract Interested Parties

A potential customer of your target group faces a challenge and starts looking for a solution. At this stage of the buying decision, the prospective customer wants to gather information. In this phase, you should provide your potential customers with high-quality and further-reaching content. Whitepapers, interesting blog articles or video content can generate deeper interest.


Generate leads

Your content was so relevant to your prospective customer, that in the next step he voluntarily leaves his contact details to receive further high-quality content from you. In exchange for his contact details, he now receives the content he wants.


Continue to maintain your contacts

A newly generated lead does not mean that you have acquired a new customer. First of all, you have to provide your lead with the right advertising materials and information at the right time. It is extremely important to tailor the content to the customer journey your lead is currently in. This phase of the sales funnel is also where the qualification of your leads begins. The more your lead interacts with your content, whether by opening emails, interacting on your social media channels, or signing up for more events, the more qualified you can rank your lead.


Handover of qualified leads to the sales department

In the final step, Lead Routing, qualified leads are handed over to the sale team. Sales qualified leads are on the verge of closing a sale. Here, sales uses the customer data available from Lead Nurturing to develop a strategy that turns the prospect into an actual buyer.

Our Lead Strategy building blocks

Target definition

Based on a target-actual-analysis, we define your overarching goals together with you. Through milestone planning, we can become more concrete in the definition of goals and work out the time management.

Market segmentation & target group definition

The aim of our market segmentation is to divide your overall market into homogeneous market segments that are heterogeneous among themselves. We divide the overall market into different customer groups. Based on the results, we define your target group and segment your buyer persona from it.

User behavior

With our tools & methods we help you to better understand your users and adapt your content to their behavior. We optimize your website and your content based on the analysis results and thus reach more users.

Content analysis

We analyze and evaluate your existing content and use it to conceptualize new content strategies. We scrutinize the results and adapt your content in a targeted manner to provide your users with ever better content.

Customer Journey

We work with you to develop your customers’ customer journey and advance it to sales maturity. We understand your customer and their journey to purchase.

Competitor analysis

Based on a competitor analysis, we work out your unique selling points and identify your potential for improvement. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors that are relevant for your strategy and marketing.
Lead Management Packages

Our target-oriented packages for your lead management

Package S

✓ Virual Kick-Off Workshop “S”

✓ 1 test campaign for 1 persona (3 month duration, 1 content element)

✓ Planning and setup of 2 touchpoints (e.g. SEA, LinkedIn, XING, etc.) with existing content from clients

✓ Conception of a landing page (creation through client)

✓ 1 standard form

✓ Transfer of generated leads without lead guarantee as CSV/XLS file

Package M

✓ Virtual or on-site kick-off workshop “M”

✓ 2 test campaigns for 2 personas (3 month duration each, 1 content element)

✓ Planning and setup of 2-3 touchpoints (e.g. SEA, LinkedIn, XING, etc.)

✓ Creation of 1 content element (Whitepaper, Checkliste, etc.)

✓ Conception of 2 landing pages (Creation through eviom in the client CMS)

✓ 1 standard form

✓CRM connection from HubSpot or Evalanche

✓ Transfer of leads in a CSV/XLS file (Evalanche) or connection in HubSpot

Package L

✓ Virtual or on-site kick-off workshop “L

✓ 2 test campaigns for 2 personas (duration 3 months each, 2 content elements, individual campaign domain – optional).

✓ Planning and setup of 3 touchpoints (e.g. SEA, LinkedIn, XING etc.)

✓ Conceptual design of 2 landing pages (creation CMS by eviom)

✓ 2 standard forms

✓ CRM connection of further systems (SAP, Salesforce, MS Dynamics etc.)

✓ Creation of marketing automation workflows

✓ Implementation of a lead scoring system

✓ Further qualification of leads, e.g. through call center services (optional)

✓ Individual connection to customer CRM

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