Strategy Consulting

Our digital experience forms the basis for implementation-oriented, strategic solutions

Strategy Consulting

eviom Strategy Consulting advises companies who want to position themselves with sustainable success in the digital environment and require comprehensive strategies and analyses as a basis for their “digital success”.

New customer demands, rapid change in digital requirements and competition from agile, disruptive companies and start-ups are changing the foundations critical to success in the long term for every company in terms of strategy, structure, culture and processes. We offer our clients ready-to-use, implementation-oriented, strategic solutions for their success in the most diverse of sectors. Together we will overcome challenges and are thus the perfect partners for “all things digital”.

Our model strategy consulting process

Innovative and holistic

Our strategy consulting services

Digital strategy development

Do you want a holistic and individually-tailored digital strategy?

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Digital innovation labs & prototyping

Do you want to be one of the digital pioneers of tomorrow and arm yourself against disruptive competitors?

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Digital transformation management

Do you want the utilise the opportunities of advanced digital transformation optimally for you and your company?

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Digital brand management

Do you want to create a brand or develop an existing brand strategically so that it has a high-level of recognition in digital media?

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Digital HR services

Do you want to establish your own digital marketing team, develop it strategically, or do you need short-term digital specialists?

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Customer experience management (CEM)

Do you want to offer your customers an optimal user experience and thus turn these into “enthusiastic ambassadors” of your brand or product?

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Digital brand management

Every start-up is unique and have particular challenges and hurdles to overcome – therefore we offer our services tailored to the respective company.

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We’re here to help

Your eviom contact partners

As long-established online marketing consultants and managing directors, we understand the strategic challenges and requirements facing decision-makers and are happy to support you as corporate consultants.

Nils Horstmann

Founder and Managing Director

Telephone: +49 89 / 99 82 71 8 00
Fax: +49 89 / 99 82 71 8 99

Dr. Filip Grizelj

Founding Partner

Telephone: +49 89 / 99 82 71 8 00
Fax: +49 89 / 99 82 71 8 99

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