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Cold calling was yesterday. Digital new customer acquisition in B2B is now. 

The importance of classic cold calling is declining more and more. The decision-maker in B2B companies already informs himself via search engines, websites, social media and much more. In order to awaken the interest and trust of your potential customer, optimized and relevant content marketing is essential. In lead generation, we acquire potential customers for you – qualified contact data of interested parties from the B2B sector. We refer to the entirety of all activities within the scope of this data collection as lead management.

What is B2B lead generation?

Lead generation is the generation of potential interested customers for a product or service.

Leads are acquired by the marketing department through relevant marketing measures and passed on to the sales department for the conclusion of a purchase. Marketing thus carries out targeted measures and campaigns so that the potential buyer leaves his contact details.

What are B2B leads?

A lead is a prospect or website visitor who may want to buy a product or receive a service from you. This person is not yet a buyer, but is in the general information phase and wants to learn more about a topic that is important to them.

In this context, a distinction is made between cold, warm and hot leads. The task is to generate addresses from this potential of prospects and to bring them closer to the purchase decision step by step and convert them into customers in the medium term.

What is the goal of lead generation? 

As already described, B2B lead generation generates datasets of potential customers. Your lead must therefore belong to your target group and your products and services must offer them a solution to their problem. This is the only way to generate qualified leads – i.e. qualified contacts.

We generate your leads through various measures, such as a whitepaper downloads or webinar registrations. All measures have in common that the user voluntarily leaves his data. Based on this, we can determine whether the contact is relevant and useful for your campaign goals.

Is lead generation and lead management the same thing? 

Lead generation is a process and component of lead management. The goal of lead generation is primarily to acquire new, qualified contact addresses. The goal of lead management is to optimize the entire process from start to finish so that the generated leads become buyers.

Lead management thus describes the entire lead process and is divided into four steps:

  1. Lead generation: the acquisition of new contacts.
  2. Lead nurturing: further qualification of leads via marketing automation processes
  3. Lead scoring: evaluation of the leads
  4. Lead routing: sales-qualified leads – i.e. leads that are ready to buy – are passed on to the sales department.

Increasing the sales opportunity

During lead nurturing, your leads are provided with further highly relevant content through marketing automation processes. Interactions such as opening emails, participating in further events or clicking on further content elements is evaluated through scoring.
In this process, the leads are divided into the following groups depending on their maturity level and their interest in your products and services:

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

From leads in this group, we know the name and the contact option given, such as e-mail address or telephone number. Here we can deduce from the touchpoint where the conversion took place what problem the lead is facing and what solution he is basically looking for.

The marketing department is now faced with the challenge of further qualifying the lead through relevant lead nurturing.

Sales Accepted Leads (SAL)

These leads have been qualified by lead nurturing measures in such a way that they can be assumed to have a fundamental interest in your products. These leads have intensively studied your products and your content. These leads are specifically looking for a solution. This is the perfect time to hand these leads over to your sales department.

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

These leads are already being processed by your sales department. These contacts are so interested in your products that they are close to making a purchase.

Lead generation step-by-step

Our ideal-typical process of lead generation


Analysis and strategy

We define your target group and personas, analyze the user behavior as well as your exisiting content and your competitors to identify new potential.


Landing page & content 

We develop your landing page, plan and create your content as well as all other building blockst hat lead to a successful lead generation.



With relevant inbound marketing measures (search engine optimization, social media, keyword optimization, and more) we increase the traffic on your website and your brand awareness.



For optimal results, we continuosly analyze and monitor your measures and derive further actions.

Lead Management Packages

Our target-oriented packages for your lead management

Package S

✓ Virual Kick-Off Workshop “S”

✓ 1 test campaign for 1 persona (3 month duration, 1 content element)

✓ Planning and setup of 2 touchpoints (e.g. SEA, LinkedIn, XING, etc.) with existing content from clients

✓ Conception of a landing page (creation through client)

✓ 1 standard form

✓ Transfer of generated leads without lead guarantee as CSV/XLS file

Package M

✓ Virtual or on-site kick-off workshop “M”

✓ 2 test campaigns for 2 personas (3 month duration each, 1 content element)

✓ Planning and setup of 2-3 touchpoints (e.g. SEA, LinkedIn, XING, etc.)

✓ Creation of 1 content element (Whitepaper, Checkliste, etc.)

✓ Conception of 2 landing pages (Creation through eviom in the client CMS)

✓ 1 standard form

✓CRM connection from HubSpot or Evalanche

✓ Transfer of leads in a CSV/XLS file (Evalanche) or connection in HubSpot

Package L

✓ Virtual or on-site kick-off workshop “L

✓ 2 test campaigns for 2 personas (duration 3 months each, 2 content elements, individual campaign domain – optional).

✓ Planning and setup of 3 touchpoints (e.g. SEA, LinkedIn, XING etc.)

✓ Conceptual design of 2 landing pages (creation CMS by eviom)

✓ 2 standard forms

✓ CRM connection of further systems (SAP, Salesforce, MS Dynamics etc.)

✓ Creation of marketing automation workflows

✓ Implementation of a lead scoring system

✓ Further qualification of leads, e.g. through call center services (optional)

✓ Individual connection to customer CRM

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