Digital Strategy Development

Holistic and individually developed digital strategies for companies

Digital Strategy Development

Digitalisation changes markets, customers, companies and entire industries. Competitive conditions change rapidly, convergences emerge there where fierce competition once prevailed, and new, disruptive competitors break down old industry structures.

Through digitalisation, companies can understand this induced change and engage with it openly. They can thus secure considerable competitive advantages for the future.

Digital Strategy Development step-by-step

Our Strategy Development Process

Two camps have formed over the past few years. On the one hand, there are organisations which can be counted as digital pioneers and open up growth opportunities for their companies through digitalisation. On the other hand, there are the digital latecomers, who focus primarily on the optimisation of their existing business. Every company must find the path into the future that best suits them in this regard. In doing so, all decision-makers should be aware: Positioning as a digital pioneer can smooth the way to additional growth and new turnover potential. However, at the same time, the game rules, roles and customer groups change as well.

To find the appropriate path for you, we work out the optimal strategic recommendations for action together with you, from the classic research and efficiency analyses to market and competition analyses and the multi-channel strategy. We analyse internal and external factors and develop an individual strategy on this foundation, which is based on your corporate requirements and the market environment as well as on clearly quantifiable key indicators. This way we can ensure that the digital strategy development is designed as efficiently as possible and that you can reliably achieve your corporate goals even in these times of digital transformation.

Holistic and individually developed

Our Digital Strategy Development Services

Market and growth strategy

Using market & competitor analyses and customer insights, we recognise growth and value potential at an early stage and evaluate this according to its relevance for your corporate targets.

Competitor analysis

Through careful analysis of the competition, market transparency is achieved, strengths and weaknesses recognised, optimisation potential discovered and best practices identified.

Monetisation strategy

We analyse inside-out & outside-in products and services, derive options for business models from these, and develop individually-tailored e-commerce strategies on this basis of this information.

Budget-planning and efficiency analysis

Based on factors such as budget, web controlling, KPIs, metrics and further aspects, we develop an analysis tailored to the company with regard to the efficiency within the company, but also in the market and amongst competitors.

Cross-channel and multi-channel strategies

Drawing on the respective cross-channel marketing or multi-channel marketing approach, we provide advice specific to the company or industry and develop precise channel strategies for the business model in question.


To ensure that we are always up to date with changes in the market, we undertake research on the most diverse of topics and analyse, evaluate and track these, deriving strategic recommendations for action from the knowledge we gain.

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We are consultants with many years of experience in digital strategy and an extensive network.

Implementation-oriented strategies

The digital strategies developed are practical and can quickly be translated into reality.

Illustrate new opportunities

eviom analyses using tried and tested tools and methods, and assists in identifying new channels and potential.

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