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SEA (Search engine advertising) in China

How to become visible in the Chinese search engines via SEA

Baidu is the leading search engine in China and thus the equivalent of Google in Germany. Due to the Chinese firewall, Google is not used as a search engine in China. 90% of Chinese internet users use Baidu. That is a total of about 700 million users. With such a large audience, there is no better digital platform for advertising than Baidu. Even with the rise of other social media platforms and search engines, Baidu is still the best advertising platform in China. Baidu Ads help companies connect with billions of people. With relatively low costs, you can reach a huge number of potential customers or leads and increase your influence in the market. With a penetration rate of 95%, Baidu PPC (pay-per-click) ads help to significantly increase the visibility of your business.

But how do Baidu ads work? The answer is relatively simple: Similar to Google! Baidu Ads allow advertisers to target Chinese users through the Baidu network with various ad formats, including

  • Baidu Search Engine;
  • Baidu Mobile Apps;
  • Baidu Display Network;
  • Baidu Forum, Wikipedia, Zhidao (Social Q&A) 

Some future-oriented luxury brands, such as Gucci, Mercedes-Benz and Sephora – all of which have performed exceptionally well in China – are listed in Baidu’s paid SERPs (search results) with rich, large-format ads. This makes it clear that it makes sense to advertise on Baidu in order to get off to a successful start as a company in China.

Baidu is the best choice for your ads in Chinese search engines. Especially because the Chinese search engine market is constantly changing and new platforms are being added, it is essential to understand the dynamics of the market. In the following, we have listed other search engines that can be of great importance, especially for the B2B market.

Baidu advertising of Gucci in China:
(Desktop + Tablet + Mobile)

Baidu Werbung

Overview important Chinese search engines: 


Baidu is the largest search engine in China and the third largest in the world – most relevant for SEO in China. ( or (Chinese for “good search engine”) is the search engine of the IT security company “Qihoo 360”.


As the second largest search engine with powerful web applications, Sogou also indexes content from WeChat.


Shenma is the first “mobile first” search engine in China. It has grown strongly and is now #2.

From planning to implementation

Our process in China SEA 


We support you in the selection of domain and hosting providers (Internet content providers, also called ICP) in China.


We help you to determine the best ad formats for your product or service promotion and support you in designing the ad content.


We support you with the registration process in the Baidu advertising forum. In addition, we can assist you with the translation of relevant documents.


After a successful account setup, we support you with the operational management of the ads based on the KPIs that are important to you.


Depending on changes in the market, we will continuously adapt and improve the display formats and advertising strategy.


We prepare professional monthly reports that give you a precise overview of the performance of the ads.

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