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WeChat (Wēixìn)

The all-in-one app in China

WeChat (Wēixìn) – the “all-in-one” App in China

How to use WeChat successfully for your China business

Do you want to do business in China or reach Chinese tourists abroad? Then WeChat should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy!

The lifestyle app “WeChat” (Chinese “Wēixìn”) of the Internet giant Tencent already has more than 1 billion daily users (!) and is THE (digital) center of life for many Chinese people – especially due to the strong mobile Internet use. It offers different account types with individual menus, mini-programs and games, eCommerce functions as well as payment services and thus combines many functions of western platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Paypal and Amazon in only one “all-in-one” – App.

It is this combination that opens up great opportunities for B2B and B2C companies, as users don’t even need to leave WeChat to contact and communicate with brands, find your shops and products and also pay directly – online AND offline! Easy-to-use sharing functions ensure that your content is quickly distributed by your followers, e.g. in your “moments”, and build trust with third parties. Official accounts can even integrate their own apps.

A WeChat profile is therefore more important than a website for many Chinese companies. Especially popular is the use of QR codes in online and also offline marketing such as on flyers: this is a simple way to add new accounts/companies and friends, advertise campaigns, pay for the taxi or even make a donation to the street musician.

Through extensive controls during account registration, WeChat avoids fake accounts such as Facebook and thus further increases the professional handling of the app. After registration, users have free chat services as well as telephone and video call functions at their disposal.

Example: WeChat-Account of “Coca Cola”

WeChat Account Homepage
(with 2 individual menus)


WeChat Shop
(via JD)

Accounts for every need

Overview of WeChat-Konten

There are different account types for private and business use of WeChat, which allow own authorizations and marketing activities via API interfaces. Each corporate account is an “Official Account”, which in turn is divided into different platform versions (China or International), account types (subscription and service) and verification status (verified and unverified).

2 essential alternatives for companies:

1. Subscription Accounts (订阅号)
These accounts focus on information and brand communication and are used like a daily news feed. Only these accounts can be used by individuals like bloggers and celebrities. They are suitable for companies that want to communicate with their customers and publish content on a daily basis.

2. Services Accounts (服务号)
Services accounts offer many functions such as API integration, e-commerce and CRM features. Verified accounts can also use WeChat Pay and WeChat Stores. Although companies can only post up to 6 articles four times a month, these appear – in contrast to subscription accounts – as “push notification” in the follower’s chat list. The frequency is lower, but the visibility is much higher! Service Accounts are therefore the preferred choice for most companies with a larger audience or customer database and are ideal for customer service, as users can send messages directly to the account. In addition, they offer much more data and information for companies in the back office, such as the use of QR codes.

There are also “Enterprise Accounts” (企业号). These can be used primarily for internal communication between companies, similar to Slack, for example. These accounts are not publicly accessible. They can be extended by third-party APIs to include functions such as video conferencing and content sharing.

Features & Requirements

Numbers of messages

Push notifications

WeChat menus

QR codes

WeChat Advertising

API / Pay / Store / eCommerce

Subscription Account

1x message per day






Service Account

4x per month 1 to 6 articles each






From planning to implementation

Our services in WeChat-Marketing


Account creation

We create your official WeChat account, extend it with additional functions and adapt it to your corporate design – even for companies without a Chinese business license!

eCommerce / Shops

Operate eCommerce by integrating shops into WeChat or connecting e.g. JD shops including “cross-border payments” for companies from abroad.

Content & CRM

We support you in creation and management of relevant and interesting content and track all important key figures via CRM for precise targeting and further account optimization.

Promotion – Ads & KOL

We make your account visible to millions of users and generate new followers and traffic through WeChat Ads (CPC/CPM) and target group-specific influencers (key opinion leaders).

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