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Provide your customers with relevant content and grab their attention.

Reach your potential customers with the inbound approach

The goal of inbound marketing is to provide potential prospects and buyers with relevant and interesting content about your company and your products so that they become aware of your company. Via your website, your company blog or via your social media channels, you can now offer your target group added value throughout the entire customer journey. Give your prospects and potential customers the opportunity to get in touch with you via email, a live chat or other channels such as social media. Present yourself as an expert solution provider and provide your customers and prospects with more in-depth information and resources, such as webinars or e-books and whitepapers. Turn an unknown website visitor into an interested lead!

What is the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing?

Traditional outbound marketing is about companies spreading their advertising message through various paid channels in order to reach a large amount of potential customers. However, this method also causes high wastage compared to the inbound marketing method, as many people are reached who are not relevant.

With your inbound marketing strategy, on the other hand, you provide your prospects with so much useful content, for example on the basis of a successful email marketing campaign, that they contact you on their own initiative.

The advantages of the inbound marketing strategie at a glance 

Exact target group orientation

Old-fashioned cold calling or mass emails are no longer effective. However, if you integrate the inbound methodology into your content marketing strategy, you will mainly reach the people who are also interested in making a purchase. Either these contacts have already shown interest in your content or are even interested in your products.

Lower costs

Outbound marketing is expensive because you pay for channels and reach. Inbound marketing is about creating content and making your target audience aware of you. A company blog doesn’t cost anything in the first step, and a social media account doesn’t cost anything either. However, through both channels you can attract a large number of potential customers to your website.

Longterm and sustainable

When you place a Google ad or a TV ad, your ad and thus your visibility on the web automatically ends when your budget is used up or the application period is over. In inbound marketing, however, you create qualitative content with which you can secure long-term visibility in Google search, for example.

Inbound Marketing step-by-step

Our ideal-typical inbound marketing process

Attract potential customers

Your potential customer is looking for a solution to their problem. We provide your potential customer with interesting and relevant content so that they will contact your company on their own. We work with you to create buyer personas so we know exactly who your target audience is. Through good organic visibility, relevant content marketing and social media, we attract your prospects.


Through an attractive, conversion-optimized landing page and an eye-catching call-to-action, we convert your unknown website visitors into contacts. Your prospect has the opportunity to download further, high-quality content on his problem. This provides them with further content, and in return you receive their contact details and can nurture and develop the lead that has now been generated.

Lead generation

Once new contact addresses have been generated, they must be further developed and maintained by means of lead nurturing and marketing automation. After all, just having a pool of many leads is not enough to attract new customers. Through appropriate email marketing campaigns, you can send your leads additional, high-quality content to increase their interest in making a purchase.


If your product or service has now won over your lead, you’ve gained a new customer. Now it’s your turn to continue to inspire this customer after the purchase has been made and to bind them to your brand. You can do this, for example, through customer surveys or appropriate personalization.

Inbound Marketing everywhere

Our inbound marketing services

Content Marketing

Content that delivers added value and taps into interests.

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Social Media Marketing

Contact customers, partners and employees directly and interactively.

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SEO – search engine optimization

Direct traffic from the organic search results by Google and co.

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Lead Generation

Gain more qualified leads and new customers now! eviom is the right partner for successful lead generation.

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Conversion Optimization

For satisfied users, a positive product experience and a high conversion rate.

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Marketing Automation

Through marketing automation campaigns, we develop your leads to new customers.

Data Analysis

From the set-up of tracking to the evaluation of strategic key performance indicators (KPIs).

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing – for more measurable reactions and transactions by your users.

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