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Europe is considered one of the regions with the highest economic diversity due to the many individual countries and the many languages. Each country and language requires a different strategy that needs to be analyzed in detail in advance – and this is where you need to demonstrate your digital progress and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Always start your European marketing strategy with a detailed needs analysis across all channels:

  • What country-specific circumstances need to be considered?
  • Where can your target group be found? Analyze the different B2B and B2C channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Telegram. Also consider the use of other search engines such as Google, Yandex, Seznam and others.
  • What budgets do you need to achieve your goals?
  • How is your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking in the European countries relevant to you?
  • What keywords should you target and what is the search volume?
  • Can you use paid advertising to stand out from the competition?

With our international team and partners throughout Europe, we support you as a “full-service” digital marketing partner from strategic consulting, entry into other countries to operational campaign management true to the motto: “digital success – driven by passion”.


Digital full-service from a single source

Our service includes the following European countries:



Population: 83,24 Mio.
Internet-Users: 89,8 %



Population: 67,42 Mio.
Internet-Users: 83,3 %



Population: 59,55 Mio.
Internet-Users: 76,1 %



Population: 17,44 Mio.
Internet-Users: 91,3 %



Population: 8,92 Mio.
Internet-Users: 87,5 %



Population: 37,95 Mio.
Internet-Users: 86,8 %



Population: 10,31 Mio. 
Internet-Users: 78,3 %



Population: 144,1 Mio.
Internet-Users: 85,0 %



Population: 8,64 Mio.
Internet-Users: 93,1 %



Population: 47,35 Mio.
Internet-Users: 93,2 %


Czech Republic

Population: 10,7 Mio.
Internet-Users: 81,3 %



Population: 84,34 Mio.
Internet-Users: 77,7 %

Source:, February 2022

From planning to implementation

Our services for maximum success in Europa

01. Plan
Analysis & Strategy

Based on your business model, we develop your individual entry and digital strategies for the European market.

  • Digital strategy & brand development
  • Market research & potential analyses
  • Competitor analyses
  • Sales & market strategies
02. Build
Platforms & Design

From the strategy, we evaluate the optimal digital infrastructure for you and set up the relevant channels and touchpoints.

  • Websites & e-commerce platforms
  • Creative services & content generation
  • Social media platformen
  • Search marketing (SEA & SEO)
03. Run
Marketing & Sales

With our holistic marketing services, we reach your European target audience and convert them to customers.

  • Search and performance marketing
  • Social  & content marketing
  • e-commerce & marketplaces
  • Inbound marketing & leadmanagement
04. Optimize
Data & Optimization

Data-based optimization of the digital value chain and user journeys to increase “customer lifetime value”.

  • Monitoring & analysis
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Retargeting and remarketing
  • Customer relationship management

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Our experienced SEA experts know how to best place your ads.

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